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Monday, May 6, 2013

Tantrums in public

Okay so I've gotten a couple negative comments on the blog i made previous. Not on here, but on Facebook. This was me referring to if a child in public was throwing a fit to ignore it. So many disagreed with this, they say it teaches children they can act up and get away with it. I love any kind of feedback, but let me go further into this. My son is 2, and oh do we have some awesome terrible 2s going on! When a child is throwing a fit in the middle of a convience store, why do you think they are? More then likely he wanted something i wouldn't let him have or do. So when he is throwing said fit i have about 4 options. A. Give him what he wants so hell stop screaming, B. Spank him and scream and have people give me that look "oh what a horrible mean mother" and risk getting dfcs called, C talk calmly ask him very nicely to stop( anyone with a 2 year old knows how well this works), or D. Let his little butt lay on the nasty floor and have it out while i continue my shopping trip. I choose D. See I've learned children always seek attention, even if they get every second of your day. My child is pretty well behaved, but lets be real he's 2! This fit barely lasts a minute and I'm always watching every move he makes, he just doesn't know it. Yeah people always hate "that child", but i feel every other option gives in to at some way what he wants, the object, the attention, or even to scream more. He thinks I'm not looking at him or that I'm leaving him he stops. We always talk about it afterwards, and i explain him acting like that is not OK. For a 2 year old he understands alot, and this is because i do not talk to him like a baby, but like a little person. I however would never do this in a crowded environment because that is dangerous. As long as your aware of your surroundings and you don't get kicked out its fine. In crowded environments i remove us from the situation until he's calm and we continue if the fit however continues we leave. Like I've said before this is my view. Im not telling your wrong if you disagree with me, I'm just simply disagreeing with you also. Your kid your rules. :-) thanks for reading!

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