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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

butt in the chair vs hand in the air?

time out vs. spankings

 oh how this choice decides exactly what type of parent you are, at least in today's society that it is.

you spank your kid your a horrible person. your setting your kid up for failure, and its emotional abuse or some crap like that. many say that it makes children become violent, and they are more likely to be abusive adults. the Department of Children Services is required by law to do a thorough investigation if any call of child abuse comes in. that means if someone sees you yell, spank, ignore, or discipline your child in anyway there will be a case put upon you.

however, timeout is the much better option? i was in a psychology class 1 day and my teacher started on her lecture on child development, it went something like this... studies show that putting your child in time out teaches discipline. putting a child in an isolated area with nothing to do but stare at a wall is better then the alternative which would be hitting them. as early as the age of 1 years old you are supposed to sit them in a chair and have them "think about what they have done wrong". oh, and if they get up time starts over and you place them right back in their chair.

I am all for time out i am. i mean when its not your child what else can you do with them? i have a two year old son, and let me tell you he is stuuuuuburn!!!!!! i don't have them time nor the patience to continue putting this child back in time out after a 2 min timeout has gone on for 45 min of me starting over i have had enough. i also don't agree with the whole putting him in a room for 2 min in silence, how is this not how emotional abuse starts?

a school in Florida has decided to bring back "paddling" with the consent of the parent of course. i agree with this motion. lets be honest, with all these violent video games, movies, technology and the social/music media in today's day in age children are out of control! all because they know their "bad behavior is going to consist of sitting in a room for a couple minutes. I work in a childcare environment and honestly i fear for our children's future. all because we are scared to spank our children (I'm not talking about beating just a spank) due to so many reprocutions!In California, Democratic assemblywoman Sally Lieber has introduced a bill that would outlawed spankings under age 4. If the bill becomes law, anyone caught doing so could be charged with a misdemeanor punishable by a year in jail or a fine of up to $1,000, making California the first state with such a law!!!!! The use of physical punishment to discipline children is already illegal in Austria, Finland, Germany and Sweden. this is insane to me whatever happened to them being our children? can mothers not just raise THEIR kids anymore?

I remember once when i was young my mom threatened to spank me, i told her do it ill cop the cops. she smacked the taste out of my mouth then replied with "do it they will take you away and you"ll have to go live with a new family." i thought about this and decided not to respond, not because i was scared to get hit again, but because i loved my mom and never wanted to be taken away!

Back to my point. my son is two, hes a boy, and hes very testy. i threaten way more then i should, but he gets a warning first. timeout second, and if no cooperation its a spanking. children at a young age don't remember a ton, but if your 1 year old is running to a street despite how many warnings you gave him which is he going to remember more? time out or a good smack on the hand or butt? 

i was spanked, most people i know were, and i promise none of us are scared for life. i do agree time out in some cases a better option, but for some cases especially in younger children ill have to disagree. so parents young and old they are your children, and just because you don't have a doctorates degree doesn't make your parenting wrong. I'm also all for positive and negative reinforcements, they sometimes work better then both. however that's for another post.

thanks for reading, sorry if any were offended just saying not all feel the same way :-) 
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